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Not many things are worse than tossing and turning all night long.

You feel miserable and exhausted the following day, and struggle to function on little to no sleep.

In today’s busy world, it’s not surprising that insomnia has reached epidemic levels, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It’s estimated that an astonishing 70 million Americans have trouble drifting off to dreamland, and over a third of adults complain of short sleep duration.

Long work hours, stress at work, daily commuting, and other elements of the daily “rat race” are robbing increasing numbers of people of the ability to relax, unwind and shut off their minds at bedtime.

Sleep deprivation can negatively impact your career, education, health and relationships. When you’re constantly groggy, you’re unable to perform at your fullest potential, so you can’t accomplish your goals.

While you may have decided to “learn to live with” struggling to function on lousy sleep, here’s why that’s not a smart idea….

Lack of Shut Eye is Dangerous to Your Physical and Mental Health!

What’s keeping you up at night?

Some of the most common things keeping your mind buzzing at bedtime include….

Whatever the exact cause of your restless nights, here’s what you urgently need to understand….

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) Recommends You Get At Least 7 Hours of Sleep for Optimal Health

Whether you suffer from insomnia every night or only occasionally, choosing to ignore it puts your health at risk.

Sleeping allows your body to fully rest. Yet it’s still busy at work healing, restoring and rejuvenating your entire system.

Growth hormone, which is vital for bone building, muscle growth, recovery from injuries, and breakdown of fat is secreted during sleep. Current research shows that lack of sleep slows down the release of that important growth hormone.

Blood pressure typically drops during sleep, which is why insomnia can cause hypertension, cardiovascular problems, and impair your body’s ability to properly use insulin.

The National Institute of Health reports a connection between insufficient sleep and many serious physical and mental conditions, including……

Current research also shows that sleep deprivation increases your risk for serious accidents.

A Harvard University study revealed that insufficient sleep accounts for more than 274,000 workplace accidents each year, costing an astonishing 31 billion dollars.

Drowsy Driving is responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 injuries each year.

Insomnia not only makes you feel older than your years…. it can literally accelerate the aging process!

Yes, You Really DO Need Your “Beauty Sleep”

Ever look in the mirror after a miserable night of tossing and turning?

You’re probably shocked to discover more unsightly fine lines, deep wrinkles, bags under your eyes and sagging skin.

Here’s why…..

When you’re unable to sleep, it disrupts the regeneration process of your cells and leads to accelerating skin aging.

A recent clinical study observed 60 women between the ages of 30 and 49.  Results proved that good sleepers achieved a lower aging score than the insomniacs.

Even more alarming, after five nights of insufficient sleep, the insomniacs developed more fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.  Those who slept well had skin that was better able to recover and repair from sunburn, and other damage.

How Much Of Your Hard-Earned Money Have You Wasted on Sleep Aids, Supplements and Pills That Didn’t Do A Thing Except Drain Your Bank Account?

Isn’t it time to stop looking for relief in all the wrong places?

We’re here with some exciting news!

What if You Learned About an Effective, Safe and All-Natural Sleep System That Heals Insomnia in As Little As 14 Days or Less?

  • What if you discovered how to fall asleep the instant your head hits the pillow every single night?
  • What if you could find permanent relief from your sleep disorder in just 14 days without harmful sleeping pills?
  • What if you could finally improve your sleep without worrying about addiction and other dangerous side effects?
  • What if you reduced your risk for developing heart disease, stroke, dementia and other diseases associated with sleep deprivation?
  • What if you woke up every morning after a great night’s sleep feeling refreshed, energized and excited to face the challenges of each new day?

Think all that sounds too good to be true? Think again!

We’ve created a shockingly simple and scientifically proven sleep system for combating sleep disorders that really works…. without any medications or harmful side effects.

Why Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Discover Our Powerful All-Natural System for Improving Sleep

(Spoiler Alert: Because it Really Works!)

Let’s face it, sleeping pills and other drugs continue to be a booming business for the pharmaceutical industry.

Big Pharma earns billions of dollars each year by churning out their dangerous sleep medications.

Additionally, they gaslight insomniacs through fear-mongering advertising into believing their dangerous prescription drugs are the only thing that will give them a good night’s sleep.

While they might help you catch a few hours of shut eye, they come with the high cost of harmful side effects, including addiction.

They also don’t heal the root cause of your sleep disorder, which is why they fail to provide sustainable relief.

Research has shown that sleeping pills may also shorten your life!

Studies found a link between those who regularly took sleeping pills had a 35% increased risk of developing lymphoma, lung cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.

Prescription sleeping aids can also lead to impaired thinking the following day, and negatively impact cognitive performance.

That’s why the last thing Big Pharma wants is for millions of insomniacs like yourself to discover our all-natural sleep system that relieves insomnia in just 14 short days.

It would literally cost them billions in lost profits!

Easily Drift Off to Dreamland….

Our Revolutionary “14-Day Sleep Improvement Quick Start Program” Shows You How!

Our team of leading health experts, fitness trainers and nutritionists spent hundreds of hours researching the most scientifically proven and safest all-natural methods for improving sleep without harmful medications.

Next, we compiled our breakthrough discoveries into one comprehensive and simple to follow program, which we call the breakthrough 14-Day Sleep Improvement Quick Start Program.

The best part? You won’t have to wait months, or even weeks, to start reaping the many rewards of better sleep.

You’ll be sleeping like a baby in just 14 short days.

How does our groundbreaking sleep system work?

Our easy-to-follow techniques work holistically to heal your body and mind by combining the most effective exercise, diet and lifestyle changes that promote deep, restful sleep.

After following our system, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you doze off, even if you’ve been suffering from insomnia for years, even decades.

How Much Is A Great Night’s Sleep Worth To You?

For most people, obtaining a full night of blissful sleep is priceless.

You wake up feeling fully refreshed, rejuvenated and energized to face the challenges of each new day. You’re able to function at the highest levels at work, sports, school and in relationships, and achieve all your goals.

So, how much do you think an incredible sleep system that contains the most potent, safest and easiest methods for permanently overcoming insomnia will cost you?

Hundreds of dollars? Thousands?

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Imagine Sleeping Like a Baby… Night After Night!

Check out all the amazing insomnia-busting combination you’ll receive for the rock-bottom price of just $2.99……

  • Our Best-Selling eBook, “Is the Quality of Your Sleep Destroying Your Health? How to Get the Best Rest Possible and Reverse Damage Caused by Poor Sleep”

In this remarkable eBook, you’ll learn the latest research into sleep disorders, and why lack of sleep is dangerous to your overall health and well-being.

But here’s the good news….

It may surprise you to learn there are simply lifestyle changes you can make to greatly improve your nightly sleep without harmful medications.

By following these simple strategies, not only will you greatly improve your sleep in as little as 14 days… you’ll also reverse past damage that lack of sleep has caused your system.

Here’s a “sneak peek” at some of the top 10 ways to get your sleeping habits back on track, including……

  • Establishing a regular wake/sleep routine
  • Keeping your computer, smart phone and other technological devices out of your bedroom
  • Investing in a high-quality mattress
  • Incorporating easy exercises into your life
  • Avoiding stimulating foods and drinks in the evening
  • Developing a regular and helpful sleep ritual
  • Sleep-inducing herbs, oils and other natural aids
  • Maintaining a sleep-inducing bedroom
  • And much more!

But wait, there are even more insomnia-relieving goodies in this amazing $2.99 bundle….

You’ll also receive in the 14-Day Sleep Improvement Quick Start Program….

  • Our Delicious Cookbook “Cooking For Improved Sleep: 25 Meals and Snacks To Help You Get a Better Night’s Rest”

Why are your daily food choices so important for restful sleep?

If you’re like most busy people, you grab unhealthy fast and processed meals while on the run. Many of these foods contain brain-stimulating ingredients, which research shows lead the brain to remain active at bedtime.

Among the best strategies for combating insomnia is to consume healthy foods that are naturally rich in substances that promote healthy sleep, including melatonin.

Melatonin is a powerful hormone that works to regulate our circadian rhythm, or natural body clock.  Experts agree that melatonin helps to heal circadian rhythm disorders, such as delayed sleep phase disorder (extreme night owls), advanced sleep phase disorder (extreme morning larks), or shift work disorder.

Our team of leading nutritionists and professional chefs selected 25 of the most delicious meals and snacks that naturally combat insomnia.

Busy schedule? No problem!

No matter how hectic your life is, you’ll be able to whip up these 25 tasty dishes and snacks in mere minutes. You’ll no longer need to grab unhealthy fast and processed foods that keep your brain buzzing at night.

Not a whiz in the kitchen? No problem!

These 25 mouth-watering and beautifully illustrated recipes will have you quickly cooking like a professional chef, even if your only past cooking experience was boiling water.

Here’s a “sneak peek” of a few of the scrumptious dishes that will help you slip off to Slumberland:

You won’t need to stress over menu planning and shopping as you’ll have our expert guidance every step of the way.

You’ll also receive in our sleep system at no extra charge….

  • 14-Day Meal Plan

    Provides you with a comprehensive day-by-day menu plan to make incorporating these healthy meals into your life an easy breezy process. You’ll always know which dishes to prepare for every single meal.

  • Shopping List

    Gives you every ingredient you’ll need to create these wonderful dishes, so shopping for them at the grocery store will be a cinch.

For a Great Night’s Sleep…

You Also Need to Get Off the Couch!

If you’re sitting behind a desk for hours each day and then becoming a couch potato at night, it can be more difficult to become sleepy at bedtime.

A recent study of insomniacs demonstrated that after four months of regular exercise, the participants were sleeping longer each night. The results proved that regular exercise can relieve insomnia and improve overall sleep quality.

The National Sleep Foundation also reports that fewer hours spent sitting was linked to deeper and more restful sleep.

Happily, we’ve made it super easy for even the most sedentary individuals to easily incorporate simple exercises into their daily routine.

That’s why you’ll also receive in our phenomenal sleep system….

  • Drift Off to Dreamland With Our “10 Easy Movements for Improving Sleep”

Developed by renowned fitness and health specialist, Rick Kaselj, 10 Easy Movements for Improving Sleep is safe no matter how young or “old” you are, the state of your health, and even if you’ve never exercised before in your life!

Rick will be guiding you every step of the way in these virtual training sessions, so there’s absolutely no risk of injury.

He’ll show you how to properly perform each movement, including how many reps and sets to do, along with proper form and intensity.

And these simple movements take just minutes to perform, so you can follow the videos at your convenience.

Unlike the competitive nature of gym training floors, there’s no pressure to perform at a certain speed.  You’ll be able to progress at the rate that feels comfortable to you.

And to ensure you always have 100% support along the way, you’ll also receive….

  • Instructional Video:

    Rick has made sure you never feel alone while healing your sleep disorder. You’ll receive all the info you need to succeed, including how many reps and sets to do, along with proper form and intensity. Rest assured, you’ll always feel completely confident that you’re performing the exercises correctly and remain highly motivated.

  • Follow Along Video:

    Exercising can be intimidating, even for pros. In this wonderful follow along video, you’ll perform each of the exercises along with Rick’s highly trained exercise assistant. Rick will be there to personally count out the reps and time, and provide motivation to keep you on track.

  • Convenient Manual:

    You can refer to this convenient Manual to see the exact start and end position photos for each exercise, learn how to avoid the most common mistakes, and much more.

Desperate For Mr. Sandman?

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You’ll Receive The Complete Life-Changing “14-Day Sleep Improvement Quick Start Program” With Instant Access To…..

Our best-selling eBook: “Is the Quality of Your Sleep Destroying Your Health?  How to Get the Best Rest Possible and Reverse Damage Caused by Poor Sleep”

Cooking for Improved Sleep: 25 Meals and Snacks to Help You Get a Better Night’s Rest

  • Cooking for Improved Sleep 14-Day Meal Plan
  • Cooking for Improved Sleep Shopping List

10 Easy Movements for Improving Sleep Video Workout Program

  • Instructional and Follow Along Videos
  • Convenient Manual

Rest Easy With The Amazing “14-Day Sleep Improvement Quick Start Program”….

  • Sleep like a baby without harmful sleeping pills or any side effects
  • Learn easy-to-follow and delicious recipes that naturally improve sleep
  • Discover easy exercises that ensure your mind and body relax at night
  • Make lifestyle changes that are scientifically proven to heal sleep disorders.
  • Lessen your risk of developing diseases associated with insomnia
  • Discover the best meals for healthy sleep.
  • Learn which foods overstimulate the brain and keep you wide awake
  • And much more!

Great Sleep Will Also Help You….

  • Boost your energy
  • Gain protection from dementia and other diseases
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Increase mental sharpness
  • Overcome depression and mood swings
  • Function at your highest potential
  • Achieve your goals and dreams
  • Lose stubborn weight
  • Look years younger
  • Strengthen your digestive system
  • Eliminate unhealthy food cravings
  • Strengthen your immunity
  • And more!

Get Instant Access to the Complete
“14-Day Sleep Improvement Quick Start Program”
and Special Bonuses for the low cost of only $2.99!

Secure Order Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

[Regular Retail Price = $57]


Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to the 14-Day Sleep Improvement Quick Start Program. You get lifetime access to everything 24/7/365, on any computer or mobile device.

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